Become A Chocolate Connoisseur (3 weeks programme, Online) - May '23
Become A Chocolate Connoisseur (3 weeks programme, Online) - May '23

Become A Chocolate Connoisseur (3 weeks programme, Online) - May '23

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A 3-week live chocolate tasting course, where you step into the insider's world of chocolate. Your love of chocolate, elevated.

How much could there be to learn about chocolate? Plenty.

We will look at:

  • Where chocolate comes from
  • How chocolate goes from beans all the way to the final bar ("Bean to Bar")
  • Building your ability to tell 'good' chocolate from the 'bad'
  • How to read and understand a chocolate label
  • Demystifying certifications (organic, fairtrade, rainforest alliance etc). 
  • Cacao origins and resulting natural flavours ("terroir")
  • Uncovering the various textures of chocolate from rustic sandy to buttery smooth.
  • Understanding the difference between specialty chocolate and industrial supermarket chocolate

As a Bonus, You Will :

  • Master how to use our 5-step sensory method as an easy, quick and effective self-care practice by yourself.
  • Belong to a growing community of chocolate enthusiasts with increasingly epic tasting skills

How it works:

  1. A chocolate kit with all the materials you need is delivered to your doorstep. What is Inside : 6 International & Local Specialty Chocolate bars, cacao beans, nibs & aroma samples (varies according to availability)
  2. Each session (3 in total)  takes place on videoconference for 1 hour, give or take - depending on your level of interactiveness for the day

*As this is an interactive programme, spaces are intentionally kept limited.  Dates are 17th, 24th, 31st May 2023

The last day to sign up is  6th May 2023. We are afraid that we cannot guarantee timely delivery of your chocolate kit after this date.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are eager to learn or try new things
  • World travel lovers. This time, it's a 'taste travel'.
  • Specialty food lovers - from coffee, tea to wine- who want to try out something new
  • Chocolate lovers who want to be first to get in on the new world of specialty chocolate currently taking the international world by storm
  • Last but not least, our 5 step sensory method is a wonderful tool for well-intentioned meditators who are too tired or wired to get mindful on their own.

Say hello to a virtual experience unlike any other you have had before. ( has chocolate!)

Takes place every Wednesday from 8pm-9.30pm via videoconferencing. Sessions will be recorded for those who may have to miss out. (That's happens!)

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