About The Chocolate Sommelier

Hi! I'm Shobitha and I am your Chocolate Sommelier.

A former lawyer, I swapped my years of donning out legal counsel for a sweeter counsel on all things chocolate - from advising chocolate lovers on where to find the richest, most flavoursome chocolate near them, teaching chocolate tasting skills, and supporting professional chocolate-makers analyse the quality of their chocolate with an expert eye. 
Why I Do What I Do
Years of both corporate and expat life have shown me that without the right tools, even the brightest stars burn out. In between racing to climb ladders and achieving personal milestones such as buying homes, travelling the world, starting and caring for families, etc - many of us forget that life is not only about balance, but also about enjoying its simpler pleasures. 
I see you and I feel you - because I've been there.
I wish I had known then what I know now. Self care tools which are easy to implement and stick with have been key in working on my daily mental hygiene. It was how I discovered specialty, or craft chocolate, as a powerful tool in my journey towards reaching a more grounded, reconnected sense of self. It's always easier to sit down with a piece of chocolate than it is with yourself.
 How do I know what makes good chocolate?

I have also undergone trainings with French chocolatiers and makers (including Chocobio Anduze, accredited by the French state), and completed a certification in Chocolate Quality & Shelf Life with Ecole Chocolat. (Canada)

When I'm not tasting/evaluating/teaching chocolate, you can find me geeking out at specialty grocery shops.

Following many enriching years in Malaysia and France, I am now based in the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland. Find me on Instagram here.