The Art of Chocolate Tasting

Just as drinking and tasting wine are two different things, so is the same with eating vs tasting fine chocolate.

How It Works

Marrying the Art of Chocolate Tasting with a contemplative approach. The result? A meditative, sensorial experience that you will find highly enjoyable.

We are living in a time where self-care isn’t just another wellness trend followed by, well , the trendy.  Self-care has officially become indispensable to our mental health and essential to navigating life. Whether you work in the corporate world, are a parent juggling responsibilities, or are simply just trying to figure out this thing called Life: We are all subject to daily stressors and pressure in our own right.

I want to help you keep your sanity in the thick of it all. By incorporating a small but powerful practice, using the medium of fine chocolate. Because when we are more conscious of our awareness, we are better at harnessing our clarity and intuition. And we become nicer. (Only joking..or am I?)

Why Chocolate? Let’s make one thing clear – we are not talking about regular off-the-shelf chocolate but fine craft chocolate. The kind that uses the highest quality cacao so that natural flavours shine through. Chocolate that contains just a touch of sugar. Chocolate with pure ingredients – cacao beans, cacao butter, and unrefined sugar. Nothing else.


Why It Works

As I said, craft chocolate is not your ordinary chocolate. It can taste like sour cherry, honey, black tea, maple syrup, brownies or even earth – to name a few.  (Fun fact: Chocolate made with Madagascar cacao tastes of cherries, raspberries and red currants. That’s the magic of cacao genetics for you.)

You will learn how to identify flavour notes. Discern what makes good chocolate, good. Explore textures as rough as sand to smooth as butter. You will learn to taste chocolate like an expert. And most of all – you will remember how to reconnect with your awareness.

Look, I know meditation isn’t for everyone. It’s hard to find the time and place to sit down for a proper, cross legged session. And if you’re anything like me, most of that time is spent in endless shifting into more comfortable positions and wondering what’s for dinner tonight. Chocolate tasting is your meditative shortcut.

It’s slow. It’s sensorial. It’s delightfully chocolatey. It’s fun. And – it’s powerful.

Enough said. Come experience it for yourself.

    Perfect for:
    • Team Building initiatives
    • Corporate Events
    • Social Events (Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Family occasions)
    • Wellbeing initiatives 
    I look forward to tailoring a chocolate tasting experience just for you.
    Available both online and in person. Schedule your chocolate tasting by contacting or click HERE.