Your Chocolate Tasting Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

1. What it is...

    A workshop where I show you how to embrace chocolate tasting as a quick, easy and effective way to tap into a calmer awareness. I like to call it ‘The Chocolate Present’. I take you on a mindful tasting journey through the world, via a curated range of international and local craft chocolate. 

    Craft chocolate is also known as fine chocolate, "Bean to Bar" chocolate (my personal favourite), artisanal chocolate and specialty chocolate. 

    2....what it isn’t

      It is not a cacao ceremony/circle. Cacao ceremonies are an entirely different ritual and method, chief amongst which involves a brewed cup of pure cacao to facilitate the experience. Some internet research will tell you more.

      3. I just want to learn chocolate tasting, not mindfulness.

      Hey, I know how to let my hair down too! Chocolate tasting is great fun even without focusing on meditative aspects. And that is why I offer my services for hen's parties, birthdays, social gatherings, wine tastings and so on. 

      4. How can I be sure that it will work?

      Everything requires a degree of commitment – from enrolling in yoga, taking on a job to even reading a book. Chocolate tasting is no different. The only commitment I ask of you is to allow yourself to completely immerse in the experience. That means leave your wondering about what’s for dinner that night, or worrying if you forgot that work deadline at the door. Everything else will fall into place.

      And guess what? If it doesn’t, it just means that there are other experiences out there for you. You get to decide what works best for you. It’s the beauty of our individualism – not everything works the same way for each of us. In the time being, chocolate is always easy to say yes to.

      4. How can I attend?

      Online sessions and in person events are available. If you’d like a shared experience with a group of your friends, a private session is entirely possible too.

      6. When do the sessions take place?

      Online sessions are currently once a month, with recordings available in case you miss one. (As John Lennon sang –‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’.)

      I strongly suggest you subscribe to my newsletter so that you can get first dibs on additional and in-person events happening.

      7. My online chocolate tasting kit did not arrive?

      If you have not received yours within a week of receiving your parcel dispatch information, please inform me via email immediately.

      8. I can't get enough of that chocolate. Can I attend more than one chocolate tasting session?

      Congratulations - you've been hit by The Craft Chocolate Bug, currently afflicting an entire international movement of chocolate lovers. My goal remains in empowering you with the tools you need to continue with on your own. But yes - once you discover craft chocolate, it is common to become more curious, explorative and keen to experience more. 

      I aim to use different chocolate styles and origins at every session - an easy task when I have an entire globe of continents to curate from, in addition to the fabulous Irish craft chocolate locally available.  

      You may want to consider subscribing to my monthly online chocolate club for your steady dose of curated, craft chocolate.

      Short answer : Attend as many as you feel called to.