In Person Ateliers


Available for Private and Corporate events as per below.

Corporate Events

Looking to make your event extra special? Try including a chocolate tasting - it's a unique experience, deliciously fun and because it fits almost everyone's dietary requirements, it is a perfectly inclusive activity for your awesome team.

It can also be tailored according to popular themes. Got a Diversity & Inclusion KPI to celebrate? We'll source chocolate makers with bold backgrounds and dynamic stories to inspire. Maybe it's World Environment Day? We'll dive together into chocolates made from exciting cacaos and the agroforestry that make it all possible (and sustainable!)

Attendees will:

  • Get a taste of the specialty chocolate world, which is buzzing with rapid developments (think of specialty coffee 2 decades ago.)
  • Enjoy discovering how (good) chocolate comes about in the first place and the excitement behind the trendy international 'Bean to Bar' specialty chocolate movement.
  • Learn how to identify tasting notes together with the aid of carefully sourced, award winning specialty chocolates from around the world.

* A minimum of 2 weeks prior notice is ideal to enable adequate planning. 


Private Events

Celebrations such as bridal showers and birthday parties can be made even more memorable by spoiling everyone with amazing chocolate. Pairing activities (hello, chocolate and champagne?) are an option, feel free to get in touch and discuss what you may fancy for your guests.

You can enquire by contacting or clicking here.  Prefer having a chat first? So do I. You can reach me at +353894532337.

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