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Chocolate & Hospitality

Are you a speciality food business? Or maybe a concept boutique, promoting modern lifestyle and self care? If you would you like to introduce new ranges of award winning, sustainable & ethical chocolate to your offerings - We can set you up for chocolate success.

We live in a time where the average chocolate consumer is not only a well versed 'gourmand', but is also increasingly aware of the many issues plaguing the industrial chocolate supply chain. Certifications promising organic or fairtrade alone do not guarantee flavour or quality. Studies are showing that more consumers are willing to pay for a product which contributes towards a better, more flavoursome world.

We are well networked in the craft chocolate industry, from chocolate makers to cacao traders, and can help you by:

  • Sourcing and curating fine craft chocolates which are not only deeply delicious, but truly equitable for everyone 
  • Training your hospitality teams to better understand chocolate quality by tasting and understanding elements to prioritise (and to avoid)
  • Advising on suitable cacao origins, chocolate styles and market pricing for your goals.

We understand that every food business is unique in its own right, and will work to tailor according to your needs.

Let the chocolate you offer reflect your values. Email thecounsel[at] for a quote and consultation or contact us.


We also provide support for:

  • Quality and chocolate making: Assessment of the chocolate vis a vis the international bean to bar market. We can identify whether there are any problems or defects, and will try to help you fix them.
  • Flavour profiling/tasting notes : Determining and describing these elements
  • Packaging : Regulatory and food safety & quality 
  • Import requirements : Labels, authorizations, licenses etc

Just drop us an email and we will get back to you. We want to help you get your chocolate out there!

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